CITW Nanthomba Cluster Reforestation Project

“They have come to believe that human wellbeing can come from healthy plants (vegetation and trees)”.

~ Boston Wadi – former Eco-Club member, now site manager and tree nursery attendant for the Nanthomba Cluster reforestation project.

Boston meets a maximum of 15 Eco-Club members twice a week, facilitating reforestation activities.

The sessions include: Environmental conservation lessons facilitated by Eco-teachers; COVID-19 and hygiene facilitated by local health assistants; and tree-seed sowing, all facilitated by Boston.

At the Nanthomba site alone, since April this year, four Eco-Clubs have managed to fill 5 000 packets. The target for this year is to raise 10 000 seedlings including agroforestry trees such as fruit trees, as well as timber and shade trees.

Report by Symon Chibaka, CITW Malawi Programme Co-ordinator