Where are they now?

While the Eco-Clubs are often the first time we meet our children, they are not the last.  Annual camps and Follow-up Programmes mean that we keep in touch with the children regularly, encouraging them to continue their schooling and to attain their goals in life. Here are a few stories of some of the CITW participants in the countries in which we operate, who have been involved in our programme over the years.

What they had to say

  • CITW encouraged me to study hard and I’m today an educated person.
    I am presently working a supervisor for Wilderness Air and I am based at Doro Nawas airstrip. I am grateful to CITW for making my dream come true.

    Petrus Lazarus
  • I can’t express how fortunate I feel to have been around such caring and inspirational friends from Wilderness Safaris. I will do the best I can to keep sharing the love, knowledge and fun with current and future CITW participants. Thank you!

    Amy Coetzee
  • Ezelia attended CITW throughout school, and was selected to attend the SAWC. Talking about her time there, she says: “I enjoyed the college life especially in the area of environmental education and awareness to the friends and the community at large. The college provides a real life experience and modern ways of managing the environment. It further brings a sense of responsibility that even human being must have towards nature. It’s a once life changing experience. Given the opportunity I would like to further my education experience in nature conservation.”

    Ezelia Gemma Njobvu
  • Everyone has dreams. For me my dream was and still is to be a successful ambassador for my country. I can achieve this through Children in the Wilderness and Wilderness Safaris Namibia, both of which have helped me so much.

    Franco Morao