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A Wilderness Safaris, or partner, camp is closed for a few days each year, and 16-30 children between 10 and 17 years old are hosted in the camp for a four day programme. The Camp Coordinator, with a full staff complement of volunteers and Mentors, runs an educational and fun-filled programme.

On the camp the children participate in wildlife activities (game drives, nature walks and activities); they attend interactive workshops (on conservation, environmental management, the geography and geology of the area, culture, and the importance of wilderness areas to their communities and their country); and they learn the life skills and values necessary to one day become great leaders and great conservationists.

The Children in the Wilderness Camp programme and curriculum:

  • Practices and teaches sustainable environmental education
  • Exposes the children to new experiences and new friends
  • Uses teambuilding and communication activities and other educational tools to help build self-esteem and life skills, and strengthens the children’s capacity to cope with challenges in life
  • Inspires the children to continue with their education
  • Teaches the children skills, crafts and sports that they have not had the opportunity to experience
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