Water for Sinde Village, Zambia

Thanks to Well Deserved, over 200 people in the community of Sinde in southern Zambia, have been positively impacted by improvements to their water accessibility.

The borehole in the village of Katiba has been converted from a hand pump to a solar array, while another borehole has been drilled and a solar array installed in the village of Lyapwaya (below).

Water is life, and in these harsh climates, having easier access to water improves the efficiency of daily living for those who benefit. Converting the hand pump at Katiba (below) and installing a solar pump and a 5 000-litre tank will ensure that there is always easily accessible water at this location, where previously, people had to queue and expend much physical energy using the hand-pump.


At Lyapwaya, an entirely new borehole has been drilled, giving closer access to water for those who live there, who previously had to travel several kilometres to collect water.

Drilling the borehole at Lyapwaya

The responsibility of collecting water usually falls on the women and girls of a household. Walking long distances and having to use a hand pump, therefore, takes much time out of their day, with girls often missing valuable learning time doing household chores. Thus, a closer borehole with the solar array and storage tank will ensure that women have much more time to spend on other household chores and income-generating activities, while girls can focus more on their education.

We would like to thank Well Deserved once again for this incredible gift. The direct and indirect benefits of water are countless, and we are so grateful for their generosity in enabling these projects to be completed.

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