Shining Stars of CITW: Honouring Eco-Club Champions and Literacy Trailblazers

As we approach the end of the year, CITW Zambezi felt that it was important to take a moment to celebrate the incredible dedication, hard work, and commitment shown by our Eco-Club members and Literacy Centre students. Their passion for environmental conservation and education as a whole has been truly inspiring. To honour their efforts, the CITW Zambezi team, in collaboration with our partner schools, awarded two prizes per school for Eco-Clubs and one prize per centre for Literacy, totalling 128 prizes overall. These prizes were designed to recognise the outstanding achievements within the CITW Eco-Club and Literacy Centre programmes.

Firstly, we presented the “Most Outstanding CITW Eco-Club Member” award to a Grade 7 student who went above and beyond during Eco-Club lessons and activities throughout the year. This exceptional student embodies true environmental leadership, displaying a positive mindset and inspiring others to change their perspectives on environmental issues. They exemplify our vision of creating sustainable conservation through education and leadership development. Additionally, we recognized the “Most Promising CITW Eco-Club Member” in Grade 5. This student demonstrates the potential characteristics and attitude that define a true eco-club member. With the environment and wildlife at the forefront of their mind, they have the potential to shine throughout their Eco-Club journey with CITW.

In addition to the Eco-Club prizes, the CITW Zambezi team also allocated awards for the 10 schools that have our Literacy Centres. The “CITW Literacy Award” was bestowed upon a student who consistently visits the Literacy Centre and has shown remarkable dedication and improvement.

At CITW, we believe it is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of these children. By doing so, we not only encourage their continued hard work and dedication, but also motivate and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the prize recipients and express our gratitude to the Eco-Mentors and schools for their invaluable support in nurturing these young minds and future environmental leaders.

As we reflect on the year that has passed, we are filled with pride for the positive impact our Eco-Club members and Literacy Centre students have made. Their commitment to conservation and education is a testament to the bright future they are shaping.

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