Sabyinyo Guest Donates Cow to Village Family

Lucy Robbins was a recent Sabyinyo guest who was particularly moved by her visit with a family in a neighbouring SACOLA (Sabyinyo Community Livelihood Association) village in the Volcanoes National Park area of Rwanda. So much so that on Friday 9 September she arranged for Nyiranziza Lenia and Mbitezimana Emmanuel, and their six children, to be gifted a beautiful cow.

At the handover, the family remembered how Lucy visited them and how she loved the family. They mentioned how she was so impressed by their tree tomatoes and sat with them inside their house.

The family is very, very happy with this gift, nothing that the cow will help them to change their lives. Lenia said, “This beautiful cow will give birth to many calves and my children will enjoy milk. Once I have more cows, I will be selling some of the milk collected and I can buy other family needs, including clothes and school materials for the children”.

Lenia is a hardworking woman who combines her agriculture activities with handicrafts, making beautiful baskets and walking sticks to sell at their Co-operative shop.

Her husband Emmanuel also added that with that cow he can increase his farm’s productivity, as he will get a lot of fertiliser from the cow manure to use in his potato fields.  

The family extended their sincere gratitude to Lucy, with Lenia and Emmanuel both saying they cannot thank her enough for her generosity, and hope to meet her again to show her how happy they are.

“We will keep our cow very healthy and Lucy will stay in our hearts forever”, said Lenia.

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