Map Mural of Zimbabwe for Chidobe Primary School

Children in the Wilderness Zambezi is proud to reveal the newly painted Chidobe Primary School. Our team and a local painter have been busy at the local primary school for the past few weeks, repainting the entrance to the school, their school assembly point, and, most importantly, painting an extensive new, detailed map of Zimbabwe.

Although geography is taught as part of Social Studies at all Zimbabwean government schools, due to a lack of resources and materials, children are often only exposed to the simple maps that their teachers roughly sketch on chalkboards.

We at CITW believe that learning and understanding one’s geography is very important for young children because it plays a crucial role in developing their awareness of relationships between people and the environment. We are so pleased that from now on, every child at Chidobe Primary School will be able to utilise the map painted at the school.

We hope that each child will gain knowledge and further understanding of the layout of the country they live in – as well as appreciate some of Zimbabwe’s prime areas that have been highlighted on the new map.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Grand Circle Foundation, without whose ongoing support so much of our work would not be possible, including this wonderful new mural.

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