Donations for Sankuyo Primary School, Botswana

Written by Kelly Baitshoki – CITW Assistant Administrator, Botswana

The Children in the Wilderness (CITW) Botswana team, accompanied by Tana and Olebogile ‘Ollie’ Porote (a Wilderness Safaris guide in the Okavango Region), visited the Sankuyo Primary School on the 15th May 2019, where the donation was distributed to all 140 children at the school.

These kind donations were raised through our ‘Pack for a Purpose’ initiative and were most notably received from Wilderness Safaris’ rep. in Germany (Karin Fröhlich/ Lieb Management), Euro Lloyd Reisebüro and other German travel companies who have recently visited Botswana, Tana Hutchings and Wilderness Safaris Botswana. Every child was privileged to walk away with a bag containing stationery and toiletries. Each girl child from standard 5 to standard 7, was given a pack of sanitary pads, too. Excess stationery and toys were given to the pre-school class and some surplus were stored for future use.

Investing in a child is investing in the future. Seeing all the smiles on the children’s faces as they were receiving these gifts, was a sign that they appreciated the presents given to them. The children were overwhelmed by the thought that was given to their well being and academic performance. The children have vowed to work hard, as they now have the materials they need to help them in their studies.

Parents, children and the school committee appreciated these wonderful gifts. Children in the Wilderness Botswana would like to send special thanks to all for the amazing work they have done in making this donation possible. They have made a difference in our children’s lives, health and education. The more we join hands to help the underprivileged the more our programme grows. The Setswana saying ‘Mabogo dinku a thebana’ means ‘we work together to help each other’, and in this case, this is exactly what happened.

Thank you Karin, Lieb ManagementEuro Lloyd Reisebüro, Tana Hutchings and Wilderness Safaris Botswana for your generous donations.