CITW Botswana Completes Broiler Chicken Production Facility At Parakarungu Primary School

As reported earlier this month, in late February 2022, the Children in the Wilderness Botswana team, along with members of the Parakarungu Primary School administration, refurbished an abandoned house on the school grounds to create a poultry enclosure, with the aim of starting a broiler chicken production facility.

Ms Stoff, Environmental Education Co-ordinator for the school, subsequently ordered broiler chicks from the Pandamantenga Agri-Shop, and the CITW team travelled back to Parakarungu on the 10th of March 2022 to finalise the project. The team collected the stock (broiler chicks, broiler feed, feeders, medicine, and infrared globes) in Kasane and headed to Parakarungu School to hand it over to the school.

Teachers and Eco-Club members were happily waiting at the school to receive their chicks, despite it being over the weekend! The CITW team handed over all materials to Ms Stoff in the presence of the school’s Head Teacher, and other teachers and children.

With advice from the Agriculture teacher (Mr Banda), who has an excellent understanding of broiler chicken production, the children started by thoroughly cleaning the enclosure to remove any organic matter. In addition, he showed the children a number of precautions to take when caring for the chicks.

The team followed up on the Monday to ensure that the chicks were doing well, and to provide any help that the school might need.

The school appreciates the project and noted that it would benefit all the children (for Agriculture lessons) as well as the community, who will buy chickens from the school since the village is far from town.

The CITW team handed over the project to the school administration, but will monitor its progress through weekly reports from the Co-ordinator. The profits from chicken sales will be used to buy stock and maintain the project. The CITW team suggested that they give the children specific tasks to create a sense of ownership of the project, and to develop life skills that will help them in future. They will also be keeping all necessary records, including deaths, medication, any diseases, and sales.

The CITW Botswana team extends its appreciation to the FNBB Foundation, as well as the Parakarungu Primary School Head Teacher, EE Co-ordinators, teachers and children, for their commitment and passion to fulfilling this project.  

Report by Gaba Modirapula, CITW Botswana Administrator

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