Bobirwa Cluster Eco-Club Activities

The Bobirwa Cluster schools Eco-Club activities last week involved many lessons from the curriculum which the Eco-Mentors worked through during their training at the beginning of the month.

These are Mabolwe Primary School children Making a Tippy Tap with Aunty Katie Balone, Uncle Khumo Dingalo and Bolokanang Rutang.

These are Gobojango Primary School children learning about the Web of Life, using cards for animals, plants, and insects etc., and linking to each other with string. When one of the species “dies” (eg a tree) the child holding that card lets go of the string and the child “linked” to the tree (eg birds), lets go of their string – until slowly the whole web starts collapsing. Uncle Rex, Uncle Goitseone and Aunty Pru run this Eco-Club.

Semolale Primary School’s lesson covered the Importance of Trees with Aunty Bamba, Aunty Mosa and Uncle Innocent. The blindfolded children are taken by their buddy to “meet” a tree by feeling it, and smelling it, etc.

Lovely work – thank you to all the Aunties and Uncles!

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