Arbour Day Celebrations at Mathathane Primary School, Bobirwa

Our Eco-Club at Mathathane Primary School in Bobirwa celebrated Arbour Day earlier this month.

A few of our children wrote this poem about trees:

Our poem

Poem of a tree

I tree I am shining like a diamond in the sky
I provide many things for you but you still destroy me
I am the one who provides air no one else can supply

Most people think I am just growing for nothing
When it is sunny, I provide shadow for you, but you don’t care about me
I protect the soil from being taken by the running water

Traditional doctors use my leaves, roots and bark for medicine
I beautify the environment with my beautiful flowers
Furniture is made from my parts

During autumn you harvest my fruits without my permission
But you don’t take care of me
I am a good producer

All of you starting from today, start caring for me so that I can continue providing for you.