Terrance Muhlauri chats to us about his time at SAWC

Terrance Muhlauri from Zimbabwe chatted to us about his time at the Southern African Wildlife College.

CITW: How would you describe your experience at the South African Wildlife College?

Terrance Muhlauri: At first, it was challenging because it was not exactly what I expected.It was a bit different from normal college life and being away from home was not very easy. However, despite the challenges I still had my passion for the environment and that made me enjoy my experience at the college.

CITW: How has this opportunity impacted your life?

Terrance: I have learnt so many things about the environment such that I have decided that if I could pursue a degree in Environment Education I would do so, so that I can impact my community. I acquired life survival skills during our field work where for example, we would go in the bush for five days and be given just two litres of water to use per day. I had to learn to conserve water and survive with limited resources. Hence this experience has really changed my life for the better.

CITW: What does the bursary mean to you?

Terrance: The scholarship meant to me that there are caring people out there willing to educate and empower young people like me and I feel challenged to change the world as far as environmental education is concerned.

CITW: Which would you say was your favourite course and why?

Terrance: I would say Environmental Education because it is very practical which makes it easier to grasp taught concepts. I also learnt to understand how the environment and human beings are related.

CITW: What is your advice for the Eco-Stars out there?

Terrance: When you want to get things done in life you need to focus and you should do what you love so that you do it with passion without being pushed. Sometimes in life one has to learn to adjust and adapt, because had I not done that at the Southern African Wildlife College, I would have given up and come back home.

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