Spending Time with Eco-Clubs

Over halfway through Term 2, the Eco-Clubs in the Zambezi Region are well into their lessons. We spent an afternoon last week with the Eco-Club at Lupani Primary School in Kazungula, Zambia, where the lesson for the week was on litter. Sitting outside in the shade of a tree, students had brought benches from a classroom so that everyone could sit in a circle – a much more interactive and inclusive way to be positioned for the lesson.

We were thrilled with how enthusiastic the students and mentors were. At the start of the lesson, the Eco-Mentor got the Eco-Club members to briefly reflect on what they had learned over the past few weeks before introducing the afternoon’s lesson. After a brief introduction on what was to come, students had to go and find one piece of litter. With much laughter during the energiser game – where students had to carry their litter across a distance with different body parts, we got in to the theory of the lesson and the importance of not littering. Students were then divided into groups, and with a garbage bag in hand, had to go and pick up litter around the school. 

Confident to answer questions and speak up in front of their peers, the Eco-Club members were highly involved and engaged. The message of not littering was clearly articulated, and we could see students taking in and thinking about the consequences of littering.  

It is heart-warming to see the Eco-Club Programme enveloped by the school, and we look forward to taking part in more Eco-Clubs around the region, seeing the knowledge and enthusiasm spread with the fun and interactive lessons. 

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