Sesfontein Community News

Elias Amxab Combined School Upgrades

Mrs Karutjaiva, the principal at the school, used the COVID lockdown time to gather community members and learners to mend the school fence.

It took them three days to complete; they also built Tippy Taps for each classroom, as well as for the school entrances.

In addition, she sourced a few papaya trees for the school garden.

Sesfontein Community Garden

The Sesfontein community received land from the village council for communal gardening, and they are now growing pumpkins, carrots, onions, wheat and watermelon.

The garden is managed through a committee that reports to the village council chaired by Ms Petrina Thanises (on the right in the far right pic below).

The garden is watered daily from a nearby natural spring by Benjamin Geingob (below), an attendant who lives in the garden.

Report by Agnes Tjirare – CITW Programme Co-ordinator and Community Development