Himba Food Security at Otjondunda village in Kunene Region

In the face of the deprivation and loss of earnings caused by the pandemic, in Namibia many Himba families have had to expand their home food production, and use traditional methods for food storage.

They have also reverted to traditional medicine for healing.

Girls milk goats for the younger children’s daily supply of thick milk and the families only grind enough corn for a week’s supply, storing the rest on the cob for longevity.

Every member of the family is taught about every step of the food preparation process – from gathering firewood and water to knowing which plants can be eaten.

Verarakanua (14) fetches water in the morning
Tjimbinaje is the right size to enter the food storage hut, so it’s his job to clean it, and bring out the corn for grinding



Report by Agnes Tjirare, CITW Coordinator & Community Engagement

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