Eco-Clubs in our Bobirwa Region in Botswana have been busy!

In Bobirwa sub-district in Botswana, Children in the Wilderness works with six schools. The schools are split into two clusters – the Masego and Molema clusters. The Masego cluster is made up of our three newest schools: Gobojango, Mabolwe and Semolale.

Have a look at what the Masego Cluster has been up to over the last few months.

Mabolwe Primary School’s Eco-Club have been planting trees in their school ground, and have started nursing seedlings which they will plant once they’re ready to go! They’ve also been preparing their grounds for a vegetable garden. We look forward to seeing how your school ground changes as your trees go, and we look forward to seeing how your veggies turn out 🙂

Gobojango Primary School’s Eco-Club have been hard at work, collecting litter to make Eco-bricks.

Semolale Primary School had a huge clean up campaign around their school and community. Well done Semolale Eco-Club! You’re making a difference to your community.