Annual Camp – Jacana, Botswana

Read this report, written by Kelly Boitshoki (CITW Botswana, Administrator), on one of two Annual CITW Camps in Botswana. 

Children in the Wilderness hosted two camps in December – one at Seba Camp and one at Jacana Camp. At Jacana camp, we hosted 32 children. Two teachers and 8 mentors were hosted in camp this year, too. 

The children were driven to Maun, where they then hopped on Wilderness Air aeroplanes to fly into camp. The children did not stop talking about the flight and their pilots in camp. They were excited that they managed to see the animals from the aeroplane. The topic for this year projects, was in relation with Climate change. CITW Botswana ran a competition earlier this year on ways of reducing climate change, with our project Greening our Delta. So, we wanted to emphasize the project further on our annual camps.

 CITW Botswana was privileged to host the campers with one of the Nedbank Tour De Tuli representative, Shona Erasmus, and Keletso Kelly Ramputswa from Yarona FM Station Manager. Shona did a presentation on the Nedbank Tour De Tuli and during camp fire she did a presentation about Mr. Russel Friedman as our campers and our mentors did not know much about him. The presentation touched everyone and they were eager to know more about Tour de Tuli as its presentation followed the next day. All the campers and the mentors made an oath to honour Mr. Russel Friedman by helping conserve the natural resources found in their villages.

Read all about the second Botswana Camp held at Seba:

The main objectives of the camp were to teach children about:

  • Delta talk:children do not have knowledge about their beautiful surroundings. They had a chance to be taught by the guides about the delta and its formation.
  • Mammals,food chain: to improve children’s science knowledge
  • Food web:it was a lesson that was done as a practical, children had to make a web themselves together with mentors for children to understand the topic much better.
  • Bird adaptations, flight stations, different bird shaped feet, favourite birds:so that children can be able to have knowledge about birds at early ages since birds and animals attract tourists in our country.
  • Gamedrives: Most of children in Botswana do not know differentspecies we have in the country so, CITW offer them game drives so that guidescan teach and show them different animal, bird and tree species in Botswana andtheir importance.
  • Sports:children had time to play, football and volley ball and traditional games.
  • Photography:encourages children to shoot animals with camera not guns.

Children in the Wilderness would like to extend their gratitude to all who took part on this annual camp. They added more value to the topics being taught in camp.

Find Gaba Modirapula’s (CITW Botswana, Programme Assistant) report on her camp at Seba in Botswana here

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