A Reminder of the Strength in Togetherness…

“While exploring my garden in Johannesburg, South Africa, I discovered this exquisite little creature, the caterpillar of a death’s-head hawkmoth”, writes Programme Trainer, Kirsty van der Want.

Immediately I felt an excitement starting to brew up inside me, as my last encounter with a hawkmoth caterpillar (although a separate species) was during a CITW Eco-Mentor training activity in Namibia. 

It reminded me of how extraordinary and unique this country is, how the landscapes take your breath away, how the flora and fauna have adapted to the diverse habitats created by these landscapes, and how beautiful and culturally rich the people of Namibia are.  It also reminded me of how valuable this all is, and the importance of collaboration to ensure that it is conserved and protected so that it may continue to flourish.  

I am privileged to be involved and to have seen these relationships in action, through the partnerships between Wilderness Safaris Namibia, Children in the Wilderness Namibia and the local communities.   As Children in the Wilderness Programme Trainer I have had the opportunity to experience this through a Children in the Wilderness annual camp as well as Eco-Mentor training. 

Every human being has intrinsic value and a special role to play in society.   I am proud to be a part of Children in the Wilderness, where we are committed to inspiring and building up our children by creating a network of learning that allows them the opportunity to realise their full potential, and to be the change-makers in our communities and wilderness areas.   This is how we support sustainable conservation and ultimately a sustainable future for this beautiful planet.

Check out the links below for the full story on my experiences in Namibia.

Post by Kirsty van der Want – CITW Programme Trainer

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