Meet Bisate Eco-Mentor Jean Damascene Nkuriragenda

At Bisate Primary School the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) Eco-Clubs are fortunate to have the best Eco-Mentor that children could wish for!

Since we are so proud of the progress that the Eco-Clubs have made over the last months, we would like all of you to meet our Eco-Mentor star!


“I am Jean Damascene Nkuriragenda. I was born on January 1st, 1993, in the Northern Province of Rwanda. I was raised in Rwanda and attended different schools where I was nurtured to follow my passion and dreams. In February 2018, I was privileged to take part in CITW teaching training at Bisate Primary School. I have enjoyed working with the Wilderness and CITW team and the community at large.

My passion for teaching grows every day because I learn new things, which expand my knowledge. I have also acquired more information regarding environmental and wildlife conservation from participating in Eco-Club training. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic in guiding students and setting them higher standards of performance. Socially, I enjoy playing different games with Eco-Club children, games which align with environmental and wildlife conservation. As part of Eco-Club activities, I enjoy planting trees with CITW around Bisate Lodge.

I would like to further my education in environmental and conservation studies so that after completing my studies, I can participate in different environmental projects. I desire to inspire more children to love the environment and understand how sustaining the environment means caring for our health. I would like to express my appreciation to Wilderness Safaris’ staff members for their great partnership with Bisate Primary school in the Eco-Clubs and other projects for the betterment the school. I feel privileged to be an Eco-Mentor at Bisate Primary School.

Our actions are the seeds of the fruits that we will harvest tomorrow”.

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