CITW Zambia – 2012 Annual Camp at Kalamu, South Luangwa #TBT

Here’s another marvellously nostalgic look back at a CITW annual camp – this one at Kalamu Camp in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, in 2012.

“Kalamu in South Luangwa is such a magical place. For me, it brought back memories of when Rob and I started our hospitality careers, as our first job was assisting managing a lodge in South Luangwa. This was before we started working for Wilderness Safaris in Kafue National Park”, notes Ingrid Baas, now CITW Rwanda Programme Co-ordinator and Wilderness Safaris Operations Manager

“One of the camp volunteers was Stella (below right), who had previously been a CITW camper at the first CITW camp held at Kalamu. She did great and we are still in touch!”