CITW Namibia Annual Camp, Namibia, September 2015

The year 2015 broke the CITW Namibia culture of April – May and December camps. In a bid to ease the December camps, one traditional camp was moved down from December to August. The IRDNC Werldsend centre was the host for CITW between the 16th and 21st August 2015.

The activity program included a scavenger hunt and presentations, life skills “my body my rights” session, team building, and crafts. Campers were fortunate enough to have Geff “a conservation biologist” from Minnesota zoo seconded to Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) Namibia. Geff Muntifering educated the campers on the importance of saving Rhinos and the roles of Rhino rangers. He further tasked campers to draw some Rhino features, the same method Rhino rangers use to identify Rhinos. The best artists were rewarded with Rhino ranger’s hats and stickers. The rest of the campers all received Rhino friend stickers.

This camp had two Wilderness staff members, four volunteers and one teacher who made it possible for the camp to be a success. Campers were surprised by a visit of about three hungry hyenas at night which came by looking for food. This camp lasted for three nights and everyone enjoyed every moment of it.