CITW Annual Camp – Jacana, Botswana

As seen in the Wilderness Safaris Jacana Camp Newsletter…

As in previous years, Jacana was closed to guests for almost two weeks at the beginning of the month to welcome enthusiastic children from rural areas around the Okavango Delta. The children are all part of the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) Eco-Club within their community. The Eco-Club is an after-school program run by CITW, with support from Wilderness Safaris, to combine leadership skills, environmental education and recreation.

As future custodians of their natural heritage, the children (aged 10 to 14) come here learn about, and increase, their appreciation of the Okavango Delta, its rich biodiversity, and how to better protect this area. This all is to ensure this unique ecosystem can be enjoyed for many more generations to come. Two groups of eight girls and eight boys each from the small towns of Tubu and Habu in the south-west of our concession were accompanied by mentors and teachers, staying for four days each to experience life within the Delta. For many it was the first time far away from home, and for almost all it was the first time in an airplane. The children all left with great smiles on their faces, new friends and bags of knowledge about the local wildlife and conservation. We very much enjoyed hosting the children and in so doing, contributing to the future of the Okavango Delta.

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