A Sponsor Visits Ngamo Village, Zimbabwe

One of our sponsors recently visited Ngamo Village, and the secondary school student she is sponsoring. Having visited most of East and southern Africa multiple times since 2001, and been struck by the plight of students to get an education, one of our sponsors wanted to make a difference.

Having found out about Children in the Wilderness, the sponsor chose Anxious, a now 17-year-old girl at Ngamo Secondary, whose favourite subject is English. In December 2019, CITW accommodated a request to visit Anxious so that the two could meet in person for the first time.

Arriving at the family homestead, the sponsor was given a warm welcome by Anxious and her family. After spending time chatting and getting to know one another, it was almost lunchtime, and Anxious’s family wanted to cook for her as a small token of appreciation. Honoured to have eaten with the family and been so warmly welcomed into their homestead, sadza (Zimbabwean-style polenta) and okra is now one of the sponsor’sfavourite meals!

As part of the CITW Scholarship Programme, we ensure that sponsors are informed about their students’ progress through report cards and photographs that we send throughout the year. We also encourage students to write letters to their sponsors.

For the past two years, the sponsor has been kept updated on Anxious’s progress. However, the sponsor’s visit to Zimbabwe to meet Anxious and her family has now created a special bond between them. As Anxious’s family is supportive of her going to college, the sponsor is dedicated to helping her achieve this with the continued support of her family.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, many children are able to continue their education – opening up many more opportunities for their futures than they would otherwise have. Through fees being paid, schools, are also able to manage better and pay teachers. This ensures that teachers are retained, enabling students to continue receiving an education.

Education is tremendously important to the sponsor, as it changed her life and led to many opportunities and personal growth. Thus, “to give just one person that opportunity is an honour”.

Across Zimbabwe and Zambia, we have 94 sponsors currently part of the scholarship programme, and we are extremely grateful for their generosity and commitment.

Report by Sarah Adams

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