Isabel Wolf-Gillespie

Bobirwa, Botswana – CITW Community Outreach Coordinator

Isabel was born in Germany in 1987. She was raised and educated in Germany, where she trained as a nurse before immigrating to Southern Africa over 10 years ago.

Together with her husband Lloyd, Isabel founded their Equine Consulting and Training business called In the Company of Horses, in which she works as a Wilderness and Horse Guided Personal Development Facilitator.  Through horse activities and learning, the focus lies on self-reflection and reconnection, empowerment, personal growth and upliftment as well as leadership and communication skills in the work place. In addition, she has founded the Earth Awareness Trust working in various community education, outreach and conservation initiatives also through collaborations with internationally recognized individuals and organizations.

Isabel is an enthusiastic story teller, writer and public speaker, with the aim of sharing and gathering stories to inspire, empower and uplift the causes she believes in. She has authored two book publications, namely “Between Fire & Shadow” and the German Publication “Südafrika vom Sattel aus”, of which both are available on Amazon.

Most recently Isabel has joined the team at Mashatu Game Reserve as the Wildlife Education and Community Outreach Coordinator, and the CITW Limpopo Valley Program and Eco Clubs form part of her outreach focus.