Get to know our Botswana Eco-Mentors – Auntie Kei

“Let’s meet Botswana’s Auntie Kei”, writes her fellow Eco-Mentor, Lesley.

“She was an Eco-Club member at Gunotsoga Primary School and a camper in 2009 at Jacana Camp when I first met her in 2017 during her interview to further her studies at the Southern African Wildlife College (sponsored by CITW). I saw passion in her face when it comes to conservation.

“Her love for nature grew all the more as she started working with our Eco-Clubs in Okavango Community Trust villages in 2018, and when she joined the Seba team to host the campers – this time as a mentor and no longer a camper. “Auntie Kei is creative, intelligent and a free soul, and it is a pleasure to work with her. She loves nature with a passion, and she loves children too. There is actually a lot I could write about her… but for now, just looking forward to hosting the children with you at Jacana Camp, Auntie Kei!”

Incidentally, Lesley has been volunteering as an Eco-Mentor for CITW Botswana for many years. He worked on the Nedbank Tour de Tuli this year, as part of SA Regional Coordinator Bongani’s brunch team.