CITW Programme Coordinator - Malawi


Symon Chibaka graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development from Pentecostal Life University in Malawi. He also attained a High Diploma in Business Administration with Malawi College of Accountancy. Symon later studied environmental education with Natural Resources College. He worked with Save the Children (USA) in a youth development project for three years. Thereafter, he worked with Dzimwe Community Radio Station, where he was involved with the production and controlling of Community Development and Environmental Conservation radio programmes. In 2002 he joined Wilderness Safaris Malawi in the guiding department. In 2003, he participated on the Children in the Wilderness Malawi programme, while working with WS at Mvuu Camp in Liwonde National Park.


In 2006 he became the CITW Camp Director while still working. In 2010 he became CITW Malawi Programme Coordinator on a fulltime basis.  Symon participated in camps in both the USA and Ireland in order to learn how to develop and organise children’s camp programmes. He has also been to Israel-Gaza to assist with the development of a programme similar to CITW (Eye to the Future – CARE International Jerusalem). Symon has also assisted Lilongwe Wildlife Trust with teachers’ training and development of their wildlife clubs and community conservation programmes.