Chris Badger

  • Chris Badger (Malawi)
  • Board Chairman – Children in the Wilderness Malawi
  • Managing Director of Wilderness Safaris Malawi
  • Exodus expeditions: India, Nepal, Pakistan and Africa.
  • One of the Wilderness Safaris’ pioneers to Malawi – (1987)

Gillian Rose

Dual nationality – British and American (Born in England), Head of Distribution, WNET – Television Production, Programming & Distribution, and President of the Rosemary Pencil Foundation (USA) – Sponsored over 100 needy children with Secondary and tertiary Schools bursaries through CITW program Malawi and Zimbabwe. She has a keen interest in, and has supported CITW programmes since 2006. 

Kristof Nordin

Kristof and the family are the founders of the Never Ending Food (Permaculture Demonstration site – Lilongwe). Kristof has over 17 year of experience in the field of sustainable agriculture. He has been involved with CITW since its early years. He has assisted in developing sustainable agriculture, health and nutrition messages in the CITW curriculum.

Professor Risa Hoffman

Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA – Division of Infectious Diseases and Programs in Global Health. She has demonstrated great interest in CITW program by volunteering for some tasks within the programs and assisted with curriculum development.

Pam Badger

Pam has personally supported CITW with ideas which have made the program a success in many ways. She has even encouraged and supported her own children to fundraise for CITW. One of the Wilderness Safaris’ Pioneers to Malawi – 1987

Esnart J. Kaliyati

Social Scientist and gender specialist with over 30 yrs experience. Recognized Child Care Services Practitioner
She has assisted with the growth and development of CITW for many years. Very powerful adviser to CITW on Gender and Children’s Rights topics.

Brighton Kunchedwa

Director of Parks & Wildlife – Malawi