• 4500 children have been hosted in our camps in seven countries since 2001

  • 10 Schools in Botswana now have CITW Eco-Clubs: New since May Habu and Kareng!

  • In May, Zimbabwe ran a Literacy Teacher Training Workshop which offered rural school teachers innovative educational tools

  • Malawi invited an expert in paper recycling at Nanthomba Primary School Eco-Club. Visiting members were learning about how to recycle paper into wildlife sculptures

  • Malawi is currently sponsoring 97 students in 13 different Secondary Schools. 46 students were visited in May

  • In May, Ngamo Primary School in Zimbabwe agreed to a CITW Eco-Club for 30 members from Grades 5-7



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  • Dates:  Friday 01st August 2014 to Wednesday 06th August 2014

  • Start and End Points: Starting Point: The event starts on the 1st August 2014 at 2:30pm at the Limpopo Valley Airfield Botswana. PLEASE NOTE: THE PONT DRIFT BORDER CLOSES AT 4PM and you will need to be at the border post no later than 3:30.

  • End Point: The event ends on the 06th August 2014 at Mapungubwe National Park at 8 am

  • Minimum Sponsorship Donation:  In order to participate in this event, we have a minimum sponsorship donation requirement of R19 800.00 per person inclusive of the mandatory evacuation insurance. (We suggest that cyclists take out travel insurance to cover the minimum sponsorship donation should you have to cancel)

  • Routes: Final routes are still to be determined. The intent is to offer an Original route (of approximately 60-80km of hard cycling per day), cycling through Botswana, Zimbabwe and finishing in South Africa. Read more

  • Payment Deadlines: A 50% deposit of R9 900.00 is required within 10 days of registration. The balance of payment is due no later than 28th February 2013.

  • Civil Society Beneficiary Analysis and 18A legislation: Children in the Wilderness is a registered non-profit organisation and is registered with the South African Revenue Services under the 18A legislation as a Public Benefit Organisation, which enables donors to have a tax rebate on donations to the organisation. We have obtained a Beneficiary Analysis which confirms that we contribute 100% of the beneficiary value directly to black children.Donors can claim the full donation back on the basis of the Socio Economic Development and BEE Score Card. 

Please note:  

  • This event is a CHALLENGING MULTI STAGE MOUNTAIN BIKE tour that covers harsh terrain in remote areas. Please register only if you have a SENSE OF ADVENTURE and are happy to accept the unexpected!
  • The route is strenuous; cyclists will be cycling in hot temperatures, encountering technical areas and cycling vast distances each day. In order to enjoy the experience, ample training and preparation is required, including moderate technical skills. Training recommendations
  • You will need a valid passport – the route will traverse Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • Tubeless conversions are mandatory and a condition of entry. 

Children in the Wilderness

Whilst the participation cost sounds high, we endeavour to give the cyclists a quality experience, whilst at the same time all free cash generated goes to Children in the Wilderness. There are many reasons why you might want to consider cycling this event. Amongst them are the incredible scenery, wildlife and wonderful community spirit created by this event. However from our perspective the overriding goal is to raise funds for Children in the Wilderness. 

By exposing children to their natural heritage, Children in the Wilderness aims to create a network of learning sanctuaries that uplifts, conserves and cares for our children and our planet. In line with our environmental and life skills programme, our community development programme aims to reduce poverty, improve living conditions and enhance local education systems. This is done through improving school infrastructure, eco-club introduction, scholarship programmes, feeding schemes and the promotion of small community business. 

  • Tour Costs Include: 
    • Tented accommodation – single occupancy in two man tents.
    • Support and “sweeper” vehicles.
    • Refreshment stops during the course of the day.
    • All meals from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last day.
    • Services of camp staff.
    • Services of bicycle technicians (spares are for the cyclists own account).
    • Medical support (any medical supplies are for the cyclists own account).
    • National Park entry fees.
  • Tour Costs Exclude:
    • Visa fees (if applicable).
    • Beverages supplied from the bar (cash bar basis).
    • Bike rental (if applicable).
    • Cycling clothes, equipment and spares.
    • Bio or Massage appointments.
    • Transfers to/from the start and end of the event.
    • CD or DVD of the event.
    • Tips/gratuities for local staff.
    • Bicycle insurance (please note event organisers cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged bicycles, please ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover this risk).


  • Requirements for Entry: This cycle tour is strenuous. Although there is back-up and support anyone that enters should take consideration of the following recommendations to ensure a safe and enjoyable cycle tour: 
    • You must be in good, physical condition and must have spent a minimum of 6 hours a week on a bike for at least the past three months.
    • Recent participation (in the last 9 months) in at least one mountain bike event of a minimum of 70km is mandatory.
    • You must be in good health with a resting heart rate of around 60bpms at least.
    • You need the ability to do a continuous ride of a minimum of 4 to 5 hours per day in four consecutive days.
    • You need moderate mountain bike technical skills and have done ample training for endurance cycling with lots of time in the saddle.
    • If you are in any doubt as to your ability to complete this event or have any pre-existing medical conditions, we highly recommend that you get the go ahead from your medical doctor before entering.

By entering this event you are agreeing to all of the following cycle tour terms and conditions:


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